beyond hijab

Having read a variety of posts in the last week regarding tradition and hijab, I find this (re?) posting of an excellent lecture by Sh. Faraz to be very timely.  Haven’t (re?) listened to it yet, but if it’s the one I remember listening to a few months back, it’s well worth the time:

In this talk, delivered at the RIS conference in Toronto, Shaykh Faraz Rabbani talks about who the best women in history were. He uses this as the means of talking about the bases of virtue, honour, and rank for Muslim women–going “beyond hijab” in this, while emphasizing the religious obligation (fard) of the outward observance of the limits of the Sacred Law. He also touches upon the urgent need for female scholarship in our times.


3 thoughts on “beyond hijab

  1. Thank you! I really enjoyed the lecture. I enjoyed best when he discussed what do we remember of the great women of Islam – is it thier clothes? No, it is their actions.
    Very nice.

    • You are very welcome. I did end up listening to it again this weekend and it was the one I remember from last year – probably one of my favorite lectures ever.

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