730 days of squeaky…

…and inshaAllah many many more!

In case you weren’t around 2 years ago, today was the day we brought our big fat kitty baby home from the humane society.  Since we don’t know when exactly she was born, it is now arbitrarily her birthday as well.

Happy 6th birthday BFK!


6 thoughts on “730 days of squeaky…

  1. just to let you know, i’m staring less at squeaky’s yellow eyes and more on how you stack your multitudes of star wars books the same way i do :)

    • Ha! You’ll be happy to know that it’s an almost complete collection of the adult novels – I’m just waiting for the ones that have been published in the last year or 2 to show up at half priced books.

      I think I’m missing just one of the black fleet trilogy from the 90s, and have everything else from there through 2007 or so, except some of the novels from the 80s – can’t decide it I want to include pseudo cannon books or not.

      I also don’t have any YA novels – still deciding on whether or not to embark on collecting those as well.

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