zumba zumba zumba! zumba zumba zumba!

The title should be read with a conga line lilt.

Have I mentioned how much I love zumba?  It’s the only form of exercise where I reach the end of the hour and I’m like where did the time go and awww, I want more!

There were 2 other sisters at zumba last night, which gave me warm fuzzy feelings.

And speaking of uber cool sisters and zumba –I wanted an adventure and I wanted a job’

OTTAWA — Wafa Dabbagh is many things. She is a tiny, bubbly bundle of energy who loves Zumba fitness. She prays five times a day, keeps an immaculate home and bakes a cake for her beloved neighbours each weekend. She has a bachelor’s degree, a master’s in business administration and a cancer diagnosis, the last of which she treats like a bothersome cold.

Dabbagh is also a pioneer, the first member of the Canadian Armed Forces — and still only one of a handful — to wear a hijab, the Muslim headcovering for women.


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