so the apocalypse is coming…

…or at least you would think it is, judging by the lines at the grocery store.

We’re expect one to two feet of snow in the next day, and newspapers are warning everyone to get their driving done tonight, because the rest of the weekend is going to be a mess.

I normally menu plan Saturday morning with Squeaky, grocery shop that afternoon, and then cook on Sunday.  But, heading the advice of those with more forsight, I decided to grocery shop today.

Yeah, not fun.

I should have taken the hint when I arrived and found NO carts available.  There are usually close to 50 free carts, even at the busiest times.  I tromped through the parking lot, found one at the very edge, and pushed it back through the sludge.

And thus, I shopped.  No 10 lb bag of apples, so I made due with the 5 lb one.  Potatoes, onions, grapefruit, limes, bananas…oh, no bananas.  Hmm, that is odd.

Canned tomatoes, tomato paste, whole wheat noodles, chickpeas, cumin, red pepper flakes, milk, browse the frozen veggies for any good deals, then round the corner for the check out and suddenly




4 open checkout lines.  At least 2 dozen carts in each line.

Seems like everyone and their mother (and father) decided that they’d be snowed in this weekend and better get their shopping done now.

But, as much as it was an inconvenience to wait 45 minutes to have my purchases rung up, I have to say alhamdulilah.  Alhamdulilah that I actually have all of these food choices available (lack of bananas not withstanding).  Alhamdulilah I have the means to actually purchase what we need and want.  Alhamdulilah I don’t live in a country and at a time when food is not rationed.  Alhamdulilah I live in a community that has the means to deal with inclimate weather.

Alhamdulilah alhamdulilah alhamdulilah.



2 thoughts on “so the apocalypse is coming…

  1. Well I feel better knowing that they are touting snowpocalyse there too. I didn’t venture to the grocery store tonight for that very reason! No white stuff here yet!

    • Hopefully you had enough on hand to make it through! Now way in heck we would have gotten to the store on Saturday or Sunday.

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