minneSNOWda doncha know

Weekend highlights:

  • in retrospect, going to the grocery store with half the twin cities on Friday was not a bad idea.  Much better then having no food in the house and being forced to eat plain whole wheat noodles, ful and any of the other assorted dried legumes we have stocked.  Perhaps I should keep a few cans of fruit, vegetables, and fish in stock for the next time we’re snowed in.
  • AbuS had a meeting with mormons at the downtown library saturday morning (he’s one of those crazy people, when evangelists knock on the door is like “come on in!”).  Library closed at 1.  Didnt’ get a bus until 3.  Bus took an hour to make the normally 20 minute trip, and then got stuck a few hundred yards from our house.  AbuS got out and swam home.  Bus was still stuck 6 hours later.
  • Neighbor had to go somewhere Saturday night, so dug out his car – and put all the snow in a 6 ft high mound behind ours.  Thanks.
  • Took AbuS and I more than an hour to dig our car out on Sunday, with the windchill well below 0.  This photo was taken halfway through Saturday.  Imagine if you will, the snow all the way up to the windows after much more snow and blowing and drifting.  That’s what we had to dig out of on Sunday.
  • The roof of the metrodome collapsed under the weight of the snow.  Take that Vikings, bwahaha.  Of course, if they use this as an excuse to suck even more blood out of me for yet another new stadium, I’m going to be pissed.
  • I of course, spent the weekend cuddling with my BFK and reading.  And speaking of reading, if you’re interested in what I waste my time doing, I created a new page to log the books I read.


4 thoughts on “minneSNOWda doncha know

  1. you’d think if the dome was covered in teflon the snow would slide right off. that wouldn’t help the sales of teflon-coated cookware now ;).

    also i would have found it funny if all that snow was dumped on brett favre *knee slap*

    • I was joking with a coworker this morning that it was karma for taking Favre. But now the talk is that this is the reason why they need a new stadium, which is a big fat noooooooooooooooo on my part. I’m already paying for 2 new stadiums where I can’t afford tickets (twins and gophers) – why should I pay for a third?

      • Yeh, never understood the reasoning behind stadium financing mostly through taxes when the sports teams themselves are essentially a business. never made sense to me. the citizens can’t use it, so why should the citizens pay for it? if that’s the logic, then it taxes would be use to finance the majority of malls, hospitals….

        i remember the brouhaha that sprung out lucas oil stadium (indianapolis colts) financing (essentially a food tax in the indianapolis and all but 1 – my home county, smart suckers for once – surrounding counties plus additional taxes – plates, hotels – in indianapolis). and the stadium isn’t cheap b/c of it’s retractable roof and side windows. why? but then again i guess they got a return on it; 1 super bowl win, 1 final lost, and finally bringing the super bowl here. but i’m enough counties away that it doesn’t really effect me.

  2. It’s suppose to be an economic boost, blah blah blah, but how much of a boost is it if most people can’t afford to go? I took my dad to a twin’s game, and got only moderately good seats. They were $80! I can only afford to do that once in a great blue moon :(

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