minneSNOWda doncha know part deux

And part deux was a doozy, I tell ya.

If we were to look miserable up in my dictionary, last night would be used as an example.  Oh no wait, let’s actually look in my dictionary:

mis·er·a·ble  (mzr--bl, mzr-)


1. Very uncomfortable or unhappy; wretched:  Standing outside in the freezing cold for nearly 2 hours makes UmmS miserable.
2. Causing or accompanied by great discomfort or distress: UmmS’ commute home yesterday was miserable beyond belief.
3. Mean or shameful; contemptible: a miserable trick:  It was miserable of the traffic jinn to conspire against UmmS and make her toes freeze.

Yes dear readers, I was miserable last night.   On a normal night it takes me 50 minutes to get home.  I leave work at 4:30, walk to the bus stop and then wait until 4:48 for the bus.  Bus arrives, takes me to my neighborhood in half an hour.  I get off, walk the several hundred yards to my door.  End of story.

But last night’s commute was MISERABLE.  Leave work at 4:35 – after all, the buses are probably going to be running a bit late, so why wait 8 minutes out in the cold?  Arrive at 4:45.  No bus.  5:00.  No bus.  5:15.  No bus.  Heck, not even no my bus, no bus at all!  The traffic is miserably snarled, and inching along, literally.  5:30.  No bus.  5:45.  No bus, oh no wait, there’s the bus, waaaay down the street.  Let’s go hop on it now, I’m sure he’ll take pity on us.  Ah no, can’t be let on in the middle of the street apparently >:(  5:55, finally on the bus alhamdulilah.  And then we inch inch inch along.  And I arrive home at 7:15.

I numbly fumble with my keys to open the door, then stumble out of my shoes and collapse in bed, fully clothed, with my jacket on, and pile half a dozen blankets and quilts on top of me.  I lay there shivering for more than an hour before I worked up the energy to get up and put some warm sustenance in my stomach.

So a commute that is normally 50 minutes was actually closer to 3 freakin hours!  Did I mention the temperatures were dangerously cold, and there was a pretty fierce wind?

It took 3 hours for my fingers to go from purple to a normalish color.

And my toes, oh my poor toes.  I have nice boots.  I may have mentioned them once or twice.  But my nice boots were not on my feet yesterday.  No, my boots are out in sunny California, hopefully getting fixed of their inexplicable crack.

They better not charge me for those repairs.  I paid in misery last night.

So why did it take so freakin long to get home?   I’m pretty certain that it’s all that dang snow we got last weekend?  You don’t say Sherlock!  Ah, let me explain.  The roads were pretty clear, as the plows had been out basically for 48 hours straight.  But, when you plow, the snow has to go somewhere.  When there’s a glut of snow, it usually gets pushed onto frozen lakes.  Only problem is, the lakes are not yet frozen.  So the excess snow was piled into one of the lanes.  But not the entire lane, just random piles here and there.  So, because human beings don’t know how to merge, people would move into this 3rd lane, then have to move back out once they hit a snow pile.  Thus, causing traffic to crawl, and no buses to pass by our stop for an hour and a half.


Right now, I hate Minnesota.


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