new mini project – must listens

I listened to Sh. Faraz’ most excellent talk Beyond Hijab again this morning and thought, I wish every convert would listen to this lecture.

Which in turn got me thinking.  I already recommend podcasts and general speakers, but since we don’t have infinate amounts of time, I thought it would be good to create a top 10 list of must listens for new muslims.  Ideally, I’d like a list to include a balance – emphasis on the importance of the 5 pillars and faraid, and stirring speeches that move us beyond mere action towards longing for Allah (swt).

Beyond Hijab is definitely on that list.  But that leaves 9 other spots.

If you, dear readers, could recommend a lecture (or 2 or 3) as a must listen to new muslims, what would they be?

*and of course ya’ll know that I’ve never hidden my biases.  I’d prefer lectures that are non partisan, but that respect traditional scholarship.  I’m a madhab loving, tasawwuf seeking girl, so anything that would put those things down will not be considered*


7 thoughts on “new mini project – must listens

  1. As salaamu alaikum sista. I appreciated that talk by Faraz Rabbani too, because we as Muslims put a lot of emphasis on appearance. While appearance is important we must remember what the Habeebullah(SAWS) said in Sahih Muslim, “I have not been sent but to perfect human character.”
    As far as lectures go, I would recommend Suhaib Webb and Zaid Shakir. And even though this particular imam doesn’t follow a madhhab per say, or tasawwuf, I would really recommend Siraj Wahhaj because has a relevant message and is of good character, I would know because I’ve had the pleasure to meet a few months back.
    By the way, how did you come to choose the Shafi’i madhhab.

    • wa alaikum assalam wr wb,

      I enjoy listening to all three of those speakers. Is there anything in particular from them you would recommend? I believe Imam Zaid has one on the importance of following a madhab that I will have to listen to again to see if it can go on the list.

      I consider myself a shafi’i for a few reasons:

      1. I didn’t want to follow my husband’s ibn Hazm/Zahari approach. If he followed a madhab, I would have probably chosen that to make family life easier, but since I have a strong feeling that madhab following is important and there wasn’t anything available in english on ibn Hazm, I instead looked at the 4 established madhabs.

      2. I wanted something with resources available in english. That left the hanafis and the shafi’is back when I was selecting. I leaned towards hanafis at first, but chose shafi’i for reason 3.

      3. I have a tremendous love for the scholars who have been shafi’i – alGhazali, Nawawi, Ashari, ibn Hajar alAsqalani, Bayhaqi, Suyuti, and so many scholars of hadith, ibn Kathir, etc etc etc.

      • Yea I was thinking about following a particular madhhab myself. I just recently came across a hanbali fiqh book by one of Sheikh Abdul-Qadir Jilani’s students. It seems pretty good. Of course there is Reliance of the Traveler, one of the best Shafi’i manuals available in english out there. Im not sure which one though.

        As far as choosing material, anything by Suhaib Webb talking about relevancy in the American Ummah. Zaid Shakir has a lot of good stuff too, especially the talk about following a madhhab. Also virtually anything from Siraj Wahhaj is cool.

  2. If you can find the resources, then go for it! Make sure there is enough in english that you will be able to easily access it. One problem is that I don’t know of a lot of english speaking scholars of hanbali fiqh that you could access. But I suppose if you endeavor to learn arabic, you would have a lot more options.

    If you have time and could listen to a few lectures and recommend a few to me, I would appreciate it. I’m working my way through a lecture or 2 a day, but if I’m the only one listening to everything, it will take me forever!

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