just when you think it can’t get any worse…

…it does.

Putting together dep exhibits* isn’t my favorite task.  And putting them together on the weekend certainly doesn’t make it any better.

But what makes this weekend extra special is that the docs that were reviewed and flagged had control numbers**, not bates numbers***.

And, there were several different review sets, that all need to be chronned together.

So not only do I have to sort through literally mountains of paper putting things in chronological order (which after awhile causes your brain to shut down, thus increasing the likelihood that mistakes are made), but I also have to dig through our doc review program and print out 50 million documents with the bates numbers, since control numbers can’t be used.

As I told my co-worker thursday morning, please, just shoot me now.  Barring that, it would be nice to have Squeaky here to keep me company.  Instead, I’ll probably maow down on chips left over from a baby shower yesterday to make myself feel better.

Ya Rabb, save me!

*dep = deposition, where a witness in a case is interviewed, under oath.

**control numbers are individual ids assigned to documents prior to production, so you can tell where 1 page is amongst potentially millions.

***bates numbers are individual page ids assigned to documents after they are produced in a case.  While you may start will 500,000 individual pages (each with a control number), you usually whittle down the documents actually produced and offered as official discovery in a case.  That’s when the bates numbers are applied.


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