to pray tonight!!!

Rare winter solstice lunar eclipse visible tonight

CHICAGO – U.S. skywatchers who stay up late enough and have clear skies can see a total lunar eclipse, a rare event for the winter solstice.

The eclipse, caused by the moon going into the Earth’s shadow, will begin at about 12:32 a.m. Tuesday in the Midwest, 1:32 a.m. on the East Coast, and 10:32 p.m. Monday on the West Coast.

I’m seeing 2 conflicting reports re: jamaah in this prayer.  SP says individual, Sh. Gibril says jamaah

Eclipses: reason and lessons?

As for the prayer for the eclipsing of the moon, it is to be performed individually and not in congregation. Ibn `Abidin mentions in his Rad al Muhtar that it is permitted to pray in congregation, though not a sunna. It is also performed like a nafl prayer. In general, one should keep oneself occupied in the rememberance of Allah for the duration of the whole eclipse – whether through prayer or other forms of worship.


Taken from DP:

Inshallah in North America, we will observe a lunar eclipse on Dec 21. The question comes in two parts: Is there any specific meaning to a lunar eclipse in Islam? Is there any specific prayer from the Sunnah to take advantage of this event?

The congregational eclipse prayer (Salat al-Kusuf) is an emphatic sunnah of near-fard importance and ranks above tarawih and eid. People go to the mosque and the imam prays a very long prayer with two ruku`s and two readings. A Muslim should never be looking at an eclipse in any way, shape or form but should stand in awe and fear before Allah and consider his life done and his judgment at hand. May Allah grant our hearts life on the day hearts will die.

Hajj Gibril Haddad


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