i really need…

…to stop jinxing myself.

Remember this post whining about this weekend?  Yeah, it can get worse.   Much much worse.  Like epic nightmare proportions of worse.

So I spent most of the last week preparing a massive amount of exhibits for a deposition that is suppose to take place today.  Said exhibits were shipped to Florida via a national mailing service that shall remain nameless on Monday for Tuesday delivery.   Whew, all done, now we can breathe right?

Um yeah no, one of the 4 boxes ended up lost in Texas.  So we have an attorney down in Florida who needs his 4th box of documents NOW.  Let us just say that from 4 pm until midnight, I was running around with my adrenaline pumping like crazy.  I almost got on a plane with the docs and delivered them myself.  Alas, I am still in Minne-snow-da, and not on some beach in Florida this morning.

So from here on out, in all situations it’s alhamdulilah, at least I have ________, lest I be seen as not grateful for the blessings I do have.

Alhamdulilah for having a job, even if it does give me heart palpitations.


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