squeaky@week’s end

Dear cat:

If you wish to come in and sleep with us at night, please refrain from trying to strike up a conversation, marching around the bed, walking on my head, poking me in the back and generally doing things that wake me up.  As much as I love you, I really don’t want to be up at 1 am.

To illustrate, this is what you are suppose to be doing at 1 am


your person


4 thoughts on “squeaky@week’s end

    • In all seriousness, cats are amazing creatures in this regard. She “knows” what AbuS is saying when he speaks to her in arabic, at least as far as food and playing goes. She understands the word no, and her own name too.

      Of course, whether or not she chooses to acknowledge any of these are completely dependent on her mood that day, ha.

  1. we have exactly the opposite problem. Mum gets up at the morning, sits into her chair to sip her morming tee/coffee, our catship jumps on her laps and I always found her sleeping in the chair…so Murka thinks that 10:00 pm is way too soon to get up from bed, it is unhealthy and humans needs more sleep.

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