i find this fascinating…

…probably yet another sign I am obsessed with cats.  Imagine that.  Me, obsessed with cats?  Who wouldn’t want to know everything there possibly is to know about house cat coat colors and patterns?

Click here to see it in all it’s full sized glory

Squeaky is probably a cream tabby, but her markings tend to be a little more orange than cream, but not quite to the brilliance of red.  I hereby declare her a red cream tabby!


7 thoughts on “i find this fascinating…

  1. Yay! And a pretty tabby she is too!
    My Pongkey is a beautiful calico.
    Wow this chat is engrossing.. I’ve determined I have 2 calicos, 4
    shaded cream cameos, 1 apricot tabby, 1 seychellois neuvieme (orange and white) piebald and 1 chocolate broken mackere tabbyl.
    Heehee it feels great to use all these terms! (Though I’ve probably jumbled it all up! Said chocolate tabby is trying to sit on my keyboard)

    • I’m so jealous of your multitudes of kitties. But, I can only imagine the cat hair in your household :P

      Of course, I had to google seychellois neuvieme and now I am totally jealous. Those are a classic van pattern right? And orange too!

      • Hehehe. I got that seychellois thingy off your chart, else I wouldn’t know either. My vet calls him a van as well, except on your chart it says vans have colour on the tips of their ears mainly. This van is one of the rescue kitties. He has a short tail, though.
        Yes. Cat hair everywhere, on our clothes, in our car, and occasionally, our food (!) We have plenty of lint rollers lying around too. Vacuuming frequently is a must, though it scares the poor kitties too much.
        (1 shaded cameo norwegian lookalike is next to my keyboard. He is demanding attention).

  2. Erm. Took the apricot tabby to the vet for shots today. She said he looks like an Abyssinian. I wouldn’t know his ancestry, because he was rescued from a drain with 2 siblings. Woohoo… upon consulting the chart, I hereby declare him a shaded fawn tuxedo cat. He’s curled up on my lap now, fast asleep.

    • From what breeders have told me, unless a cat has papers, they’re all just moggies :) You can have some breeds that are “natural,” especially a lot of the south east asian thai cats, but for breeds like abyssinian, you really can just have a cat that has abyssinian characteristics, but without the papers, they can’t be considered abyssinian, I think.

      Enjoy your multitudes of colorful kitties!

      • Yep, all moggies who impersonate really well, alhamdulillah. :-) Purebreeds cost too much, though my hubby would love to have a big, hulking Maine Coon someday. A lot of people here have cats that are allowed to roam freely and repopulate the neighbourhood. Neutering is still considered cruel by many. But people abandon little kitties who can barely walk, instead of neutering. Sigh.
        Yep, we have plenty of those Siamese lookalikes here too. Yes, I live in SEA. We also have plenty of Singapura lookalikes… such cats are called ‘drain cats’ or ‘village cats’. Hehehe. But they are really smart.
        I really need to build a cat enclosure. Pronto.

  3. I wonder though, if a siamese looking cat from SE Asia actually would be considered siamese, since I think it’s one of those natural breeds. Hmmm, questions questions.

    re: spay and neuter, I always try to argue with people here, you have the opinion of spaying and neutering, euthenizing them, or letting them starve and freeze to death. I think in the end, removing their reproductive organs is the most humane choice.

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