…I agreed to teach weekend islamic school Saturday mornings.

And I still haven’t received the curriculum or books I’m suppose to be teaching from.

I really hope that they don’t expect me to start tomorrow.  If they do, I’m going to read the kids Captain Underpants.  Hopefully that will convey to the powers that be that they need to get organized.

Captain Underpants gets his kufi and boxer briefs on (lest his awrah be uncovered).  Check out those mad paint skills.


5 thoughts on “sooooooo…

  1. I have been in that situation. I used dear ole professor google to help me come up with simple age-appropriate activities and curricula. Yes. It was a challenge.
    But I wish I’d thought of captain Underpants. Good lesson on awrah LOL.

    • Ah, maybe you can give me some good craft and activity ideas. I finally got the books yesterday and inshaAllah am suppose to start next weekend.

      Only problem is the kids are ages 5 to 10. That’s a pretty wide age range to keep occupied with the same lesson :/

  2. Oh dear, it was a good while ago so I don’t really recall exactly. But I remember doing a lot of sirah videos and quizzing them on it afterwards. I used to make powerpoint presentations for the kids too, with lots of pics. I wish I can send them to you, but the laptop I did them on is now in barzakh. Innalillah :-(. But anyway youtube is your best friend. So is google. There are a lot of sites with activity suggestions for various age groups, so you can charge up your lessons a bit. Good that you have your curricula. Lol, I never received mine.

    The age gap can be an issue. I prepared 2 sets of activities normally. The younger kids usually end up colouring pics I printed off the net (soundvision was great). And we had singing as well, which all kids wanted to join in, regardless of age. I was pretty ignorant of good nasheedy songs then, lol.

    I found the kids’ habit of interrupting and disorderly quite annoying. It took me quite a while to calm down and take things in stride. Coming from a society that very much respects their elders (and kids back then were mainly seen, not heard) put me at a loss. But when progress happens it makes it all worthwhile. So I guess what I learnt was sabr.

    • JazakAllah khair for the ideas. Powerpoint is a good idea, but I just worry that some of the kids won’t be able to read and write :/ argh, why do I do this to myself?

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