Today is the day of wrath, of rage, of anger, of protest in Egypt.  Both AbuS and I wish we could be there, but instead, we’re watching it from afar.  It’s hopeless trying to keep up with the protest hash tag on twitter. Wait, scratch that, the twitter website is at this moment unaccessible in Egypt, so the flood of tweets has dwindled to a trickle.  Al Masry Al Youm is intermittently crashing.  We are all Khaled Said FB (named for the man police tortured to death) has updates and pictures.

Keep Egypt in your duas peeps.  Make dua for the safety of the protesters and that change actually happens.   Make dua that their voices will be heard and that things get better.  Make dua that change can happen with minimal violence and blood shed.  Ya Allah, help your ummah!


6 thoughts on “#Jan25

  1. What are the protests about?
    Ah, sad story- my parents returned their cat to the animal shelter after 5 years cause she kept spraying in the house (my mom thought it started when she was left home alonfe for a week; she hates being alone) yesterday. Now, either they can find a barn for her to live in or they will have to humanely euthanize her. They won’t let anyone take her as an indoor cat. I am sad b/c I haven’t seen her in longer than a week and I wanted to say one last good-bye. My parents don’t understand at all!:)

    • General anger and frustration over being ruled by the same petty despot for the last 30 years, about unemployment, hunger, poverty, corruption, all the usual stuff.

      Did they take the cat to the vet? Oftentimes spraying is a sign of a medical problem :(

  2. My prayers are there. My hubby’s family is there and Allahumdulilah he did talk to them today and they are all safe and sound. All this violence that is goin on in the world makes me sad. Why can’t we all just be free to live our lives without some dictatorship.

    • Alhamdulilah. AbuS’ family is also ok. They’re warning him to stop his internet rabble rousing, but he’s dead set on being part of this.

  3. Yea, the took her to the vet. She had stones in her urine so they switched her food and gave her medicine for two weeks (before that she was peeing on the dog’s bed, overnight bags, my mom’s sick bed, etc.) She stopped peeing but then started spraying which was right after my parents left her at home for a few days:(

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