reason #821 i love AbuS

Last night:

Me: Wow, I want to fly to Egypt to join in those protests.
AbuS: Ok, let’s go
Me: Seriously?
AbuS: Of course, let’s go look at flights right now. What are you going to tell your job?
Me: I’m off to join a revolution to take down the Egyptian government. If I’m not back by next week, I’m in jail being tortured, kthxby!

We probably won’t be going, but it’s nice to know that my husband would foment political upheaval with me :wub:


7 thoughts on “reason #821 i love AbuS

    • Hey, long time no see! Hope your are doing well!

      This uprising has rekindled the spark that first made us fall in love – obsessing about politics and government :)

  1. The husband said to me yesterday about Egypt,

    “How much time off can you get from work?”

    And this is my apolitical, Egyptian, evangelical-pastor husband asking.

    • I can’t imagine there is a single egyptian anywhere in the world that is apathetic towards the current uprising. Huraya!

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