squeaky@week’s end

Oh look, a whole couch to sit on.  Do dee do do do.  I think I’ll sit on this nice black spot, where my shedding will achieve maxiumum visibility.

Yes, that is my favorite black abaya.  It is now currently completely covered in cat hair.


2 thoughts on “squeaky@week’s end

  1. hehe, my Murka (black one) slept on my bright yellow shirt… I do not need to explain that bright yellow and black cat hairs….do you think that yellow cat hairs on black abaya look better?
    my mum thinks that your Sqeakster simply needs to label you :D that all the other cats knew that you are taken already by a cat.

    • Hahaha, we either need to trade cats or trade clothes. I guess the solution from now on is to wear cream/orange clothes.

      Squeaky definitely owns me. When I come back from volunteering at the cat shelter, she always has to sniff my skirt, and then roll all over it to put her scent back on it.

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