this is why he needs to leave NOW – updated

There will be no orderly transition of power, only fear, intimidation and death to all who oppose the Pharaoh, while he desperately shores up his power base and ensures that he picks who comes  next:

@monaeltahawy mother just called and said theyre paying ppl 50Le to walk in streets supporting mubarak and paying ppl from saqqara 200le to attack with their camels and horses – theyve told gov employees if they dont announce support to mubarak their job contracts wont be renewed #Egypt#jan25#25jan

Rather than do 50 million posts today, I’ll just update this post:

9:52 AM – monasosh’s youtube channel with videos from the ground; CNN Anderson Cooper is on the ground in Tahrir and has been beaten up by Mubarak thugs

9:54 AM – Mubarak thugs drop stones on people in Tahrir; reports on twitter of dead bodies in the square

10:02 AM – Google Crisis Response Page

10:37 AM – thugs making molotov cocktails from the gas of cars on the street

11:21 AM – report from Anderson Cooper on being beaten by pro Mubarak thugs; Salon Liveblog; AJE Liveblog;  I’m suppose to go run errands right now over my lunch hour, but I can’t leave.  I don’t want to feel as though I’ve abandoned the people risking their lives.  I can’t be there, but I want to be their witness.

11:22 AM – Mubarak spinmeisters trying to blame unrest on Al Jazeera and protesters.

11:28 AM – #jan25 Heading to Tahrir now.Just had report from colleague in the square of pro-Mubarak protesters viciously targeting female demonstrators!/ashrafkhalil/status/32786533337538562

11:32 AM –!/SultanAlQassemi/status/32853297190666240

SultanAlQassemi Sultan Al Qassemi
Al Qaradawi “The tears of these orphaned children by your security forces will be a curse upon you, it will never leave you Mubarak”

11:31 pm – Another youtube channel with protester videos


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