This weekend we were blessed with balmy temperatures that were 40-50 degrees above what they were the weekend before.  Which means it actually snuck above the freezing mark.  Huzzah!

Since it was so nice, I thought I’d take the Squeaky out for a roll.  Since she’s too chubby to wear her harness comfortably, I decided to just clip her leash to her collar, and off we went.

After the obligatory roll around, she nosed her way over to the edge of the porch.  Our porch is 3/4 of a story high, and had several feet of snow piled up against it.  There was a few foot drop off the edge to the snow, and Squeaky decided she MUST sniff that snow.

Ah yeah, you’re not going to take a dive off the edge of the porch into the snow.  So I picked her up and we walked down the front steps to a much more manageable pile of snow.  I set her down in it, she gave me this look like, HOLY HECK LADY, why would you put me in this stuff, it’s COLD?!?!?!!

And with that, she jumped off the snow pile and flew back up the stairs.  I didn’t want to choke her, so I let her leash go, thinking, yeah, she’ll just run up and roll around a bit on the much warmer porch or whine to get back inside.

Um yeah no.  She runs up and takes a flying leap off the other end of the porch – into the 6 foot pile of snow  she had been eying earlier.   That is at least 10 feet long from the sidewalk.  And because she had momentum, she sank quite deep, until it was just her head poking out.

And of course, this is all my fault.  She starts bleating at the top of her lungs for me to come rescue her all while shooting me the evil eye.  So I fly down the porch and start to swim through the snow (in a skirt, with short socks on) to reach my cat.  Since she can’t move, I have to go through 10 feet of 6 foot high snow.  Yeah, cold.

Thanks cat.  It’s a good thing you’re an indoor cat, cuz you wouldn’t survive a day outside in a Minnesota winter.

I still love you, but you’re not going outside again until spring.


10 thoughts on “*facepalm*

  1. Aww, thanks. I wish I had a video of the whole thing, because it was just so unreal. It’s like, you didn’t like the snow over here, what makes you think that you’ll like the snow on the other side of the porch???? Silly kitty!

  2. I thought the only thing to improve the story would have been some photos, but that would have been too much suffering for Squeaky!

    • Not fair! But then, one of the good things about living in the great frozen north is that if it hits 33 degrees, we’re happy :)

  3. Oy, were you at least wearing pants under the skirt? That’s what I always do, both for modesty and because I know my legs would freeze.

    That was a really cute story, Masha’Allah. My family’s poodle, Sidney, absolutely loves the snow, but he comes back into the house covered with ice and snowballs which he then proceeds to track all over the house. Ah, animals. <3

    • Alas, no pants. I normally wear something warm underneath, but since it was so warm (ie 33 degrees), I had decided not too.

      I concur re: animals. Even when they’re making a mess, they’re adorable.

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