i’m so done with winter

Hear that winter, I’m over you.  Please exit stage right!

My bus was early this morning, so I had to do a little shuffle run to catch it.  Cuz of course, the driver wouldn’t actually wait the 30 seconds it took me to walk carefully to the stop.  No, I had to hurry, as he was threatening to drive away.

And of course, despite my best efforts to not actually lift my feet as I hurried, I managed to do a spectacular slip and fall on my butt, legs in the air, elbow coming down hard and painful on the sidewalk.

Now my arm hurts.

But, perhaps this will actually give me an excuse to go home early.  I need some time off, even if it is just a few days in the middle of the week.

Winter, begone!


2 thoughts on “i’m so done with winter

  1. I think I’ve landed flat on my butt a total of three times so far this winter.

    I would like something like flowers or birds or something else to trip on.

    • I’d take a squirrel over a 10 ft mound of snow and ice any day. Why do we humans torture ourselves by living in places with cruddy winters?

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