so true

from f* yeah religious studies major (please note, site contains swear word)

Of course, I will say alhamdulilah, because that crisis in faith lead me to look into other religions, and I ended up where I’m at today, a decade later.  Alhamdulilah.


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8 thoughts on “so true

  1. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaah, about that Rapture thing – it’s in 2nd Thessalonians. Revelation isn’t the only place to find eschatological writings in the Bible.

  2. Love the last one! Can also replace religious studies major with anthropology major and it’s still remains the same ;).

    • Ha! I now understand why my dad always pushed being an engineer. It wouldn’t have been enjoyable to study, but I probably would have had an easier time finding a job. But then again, I suck at math, so yeah, probably would have not made a good engineer.

    • Same goes for political science, international relations and European studies and the like.

      With my degree in IR… I can be a president or minister of foreign affairs, theoretically… but I lack any knowledge usable in “normal” jobs.

      I was thinking about religious studies (when i was a teenager I dabbled into numerous religions…), but I chose something more “practical” in the end.

      • Why is it that the subjects that are the most interesting are also completely useless *sigh*

    • Same here. Of course, not married to an OT prof, but AbuS is a huge comparative religion buff. Add that too my collection of texts I accumulated in college, and it’s quite obvious that the people at Casa Squeaky like to study religion.

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