uh oh

Now he’s done it.  Walker’s gone and upset the farmers.  I think all rallies need farmers on tractors.  If my dear departed grandfather was alive today, I could totally see him borrowing a tractor (as all of his had been sold when they sold the farm) and driving to Madison from La Crosse on it to take part in the rallies.  He got to be quite a liberal in the end :)

Btw, my mom was there on Saturday.  She went down on a bus from our home town and said that the atmosphere was electric, the best rally yet.  If Walker had hoped the public would slink away with their tails between their legs, he was sorely mistaken.  My mom got to shake hands with Jesse Jackson, greeted the Fab 14 as they returned to Wisconsin (including the state senator that represents my hometown) and listened to Susan Sarandon and “that guy from Monk” (aka Tony Shalhoub!) speak.

Other photos that made me smile (sorry this is long, but these are my peeps and I miss them):

photos by pchgorman, V’ron, jonbloy, kenfagerdotcom and wisaflcio at flickr, who has kindly allowed their photos to be shared, so that this Wisconsinite in exile may live vivaciously through them.

In sadder news, my mom’s district took swift action and drew up the new contract for the teachers:

  • Pay significantly more for health care
  • Pay significantly more towards retirement
  • Cut pay

So it’s basically a triple pay cut.  Woohoo.

Ok, here’s a daily show clip to help me laugh at a sad situation.


4 thoughts on “uh oh

    • My mother used to recall that during the communist time newspapers in Czechoslovakia reported how French brought the sheep to the parlaiment… it was supposed to illustrate depravity of the capitalist west (since the Wall fell we had few protests involving farm animals. Freedom is beautiful:D).

      And this protest has some creative signs… I always prefer creative and humorous to downright angry and violent.

      • inshaAllah I’ll post more of the signs – that is one thing my mom has said about the protest, that the spirits have been high, even in the face of defeat.

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