food matters monday

No spiffy pictures this week (awwww), but I thought even though I was negligent in that arena, I’d still post a recipe.

This weekend, I made “Tunisian” Yam and Red Bean Stew.  I say “Tunisian” because I’m not sure how Tunisian said recipe actually is.  Anybody familiar with their cuisine want to look at the recipe and let me know?  Since I have no slow cooker, I made this in a regular pot.  After I sauteed the onions, I added the rest of the spices to saute a bit, and then threw everything else in and simmered until the beans were soft.   I love this stew – slightly spicy, very fragrant, and healthy.  I’m eating it over whole wheat couscous.

I may also eat it with one of the crusty whole wheat rolls I made.  I’ll have to type out of the recipe for that one at a later date.  I basically took Mark Bittman’s whole wheat baguette recipe and baked them as rolls.  Uber easy, probably 10 minutes worth of actual time doing stuff, plus another few hours worth of waiting from them to rise.  The crust would make an excellent edible spoon for the stew.


4 thoughts on “food matters monday

    • wa alaikum assalam,

      I do not know. According to a quick spin around Sh. Google, the spanish brought new world crops like pumpkin to north africa. Perhaps they also brought yams/sweet potatoes?

    • Let me know how you like it. It’s one of those that gets better with age, as the flavors have a chance to melt together :)

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