today we adopt the internet

Petfinder turns 15 today!  While I didn’t directly find my feline soulmate on petfinder, I did browse through to see who was available at the local humane society before I went, and the entries did lure me in.  So PF is indirectly responsible for bringing Squeaky and I together, and for that I say THANK YOU!

In honor of Adopt the Internet day, I’m going to tell you about two of my favorite kitties at Feline Rescue.  This is Roma.  Roma is very very round.  Thus, I call her Round Roma (haha I’m so witty, I crack myself up).  Roma is an older kitty who was obviously well fed in her previous home.  As such, she’s in her own room on a special diet to help her slim down.  And she’s lonely.  Whenever I come in on Sunday mornings, she managed to lumber down from her bed and sit at the door, meowing plaintively for some love and attention.  The first time I saw her I did a double take – she looked like a beach ball with a baseball for a head.

Roma loves people, and loves laps.  She’s fairly indifferent to playing, which is unfortunate as she needs exercise :/  She doesn’t spend all day begging for food, unlike other cats I know *cof cof squeaky cof.*  She’s just happy to have someone to hang out with.

Another of my favorite cats is Bobbish.  Bobbish is 14 to 16 years old, and was brought in, cold and starving, from the street.  Bobbish is now happily fed (although still quite bony), kept warm and loved at our shelter.  He is the unofficial greeter to the back room.  He sits at the door, and must inspect everything that comes in and out of the room – especially bowls that may possibly contain food that is trying to escape.

As you can see, Bobbish is quite unique looking.  I say he looks like he’s half bat.  He’ll make a great companion to someone who is willing to give their heart to an older kitty.

If you’re looking to add a little cat fuzz to your life, please look to your local shelter, humane society and/or rescue organization and consider adopting.  While purebreds may look pretty, there are millions upon millions of cats who are in need of someone to become their person, someone to rescue them from possible death.  They will love you just as much as a more expensive purchased cat.  Unless of course, you have them on a diet.


8 thoughts on “today we adopt the internet

    • Thanks so much for stopping by! As much as I’d love to smuggle them both home with me, I’m instead putting my positive energy into hoping they find their soulmates :)

  1. I love petfinder! I plan on using it when the time comes to get a dog. I check it every so often and find a bunch of doggies I would just bring home!!!

    • I had to stop looking at PetFinder (and craig’s list), because I just ended up wanting them all! It’s bad enough that I want all the kitties at my shelter (especially Roma and Bobbish). Every weekend, I tell my co-volunteers that I want to smuggle this or that kitty home in my purse :/

  2. ummsqueakster – You’re safe from temptation – Roma won’t fit in your purse. Bobbish might – but he wouldn’t like it in there. They are two of my favorites as well, and I do hope they get their forever homes soon!

  3. Oh, dear. I kind of want a nice, fat, older kitty for my son. But I don’t think my hubby could handle the cat hair.

    • AbuS used to freak about cat hair getting onto everything, but now he’s made a peace with it. I think that once you live with the cat hair, you just have to learn to accept it :)

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