squeaky@week’s end

No feedback on my converts page?  Don’t make me pull the sad Squeaky card on you.  Let’s see what else we have in the deck…

Ooo, disapproving Sith Squeaky!  Be afraid.  Be very very afraid.  You wouldn’t want her to go all Darth Caedus on you.


6 thoughts on “squeaky@week’s end

    • That’s part of the reason why she’s perturbed. She is in desperate need of matte black to fully project her po-ed-ness, but her people only have left over blankets from their childhood for her to hold court on. It was either Micky Mouse or My Little Pony. MM was the lesser of 2 atrocities.

  1. SalamZZZ oh she already looks like she had done a Darth Caedus on me…dear LMS…would truly love to add something but I am so time puurrrr…(poor) these days…please forgive me :)

    • Wa alaikum assalam,

      JazakAllah khair for your comment – when you do have time, if you could give the list a quick run through, it would be much appreciated.

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