food matters monday

No pictures, just a few notes:

*I made my veggie ta’amia again this weekend and tweaked the recipe a bit.  I used half chickpeas, half fava beans, and cut out the bread crumbs.  It still bakes very dry and crumbly.  I’m thinking next time I’ll brown them in a pan instead.  If you’re not fat phobic (cof cof AbuS), you could lightly fry them, or just use a very very thin layer of oil in the pan.  I’ll probably just use cooking spray.  The reason I had baked instead of pan browned initially was because the pan method takes a lot more time and effort.  But, we’ll see.  I’m still waiting for zucchini to get cheaper, and will then include that in the mix.

*While at Trader Joes this weekend, I stumbled upon their Vegetable Masala burgers.  I couldn’t justify spending $3 to get 4 veggie burgers, so I’ve put it on my to experiment list for next weekend :)  The ingredient list looks easy enough, so it will just be a matter of playing with the amounts:

Potatoes, canola oil, carrots, green beans, water, bread crumbs (wheat flour, sugar, yeast, salt), bell peppers, onions, corn, salt, green peppers, sugar, ginger, cellulose gum, spices, citric acid, turmeric, mustard seeds.

*In case you couldn’t tell, veggie burgers are a huge thing at Casa Squeaky.  When I asked AbuS what he’d like me to make for this week, he suggested more of the ta’amia veggie burgers to eat for breakfast.  Not exactly my first choice, but hey, it’s healthy!

*And speaking of breakfast, this week I have breakfast couscous on the menu (based of course, on Mark Bittman’s Breakfast Couscous):

a half bowl of cooked whole wheat couscous + a tablespoon of raisins + 1/4 cup warm milk + one banana sliced thin + 1 tsp honey = yum, full until lunch

I made up a pot of couscous this weekend, and am just mixing the rest of the ingredients together at breakfast each day.


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