the weekly squeaky

Betcha didn’t know Squeaky was at the Battle of Yavin as Red 13.  Since then, she’s been the super seeekrit Rogue 13.


8 thoughts on “the weekly squeaky

  1. That is such pure love!!!!!!!!!!! The x-wing is awesome. Did you make it yourself? Coincidentally, last week I made hubby a Sith Lord robe to go with his lightsaber. Yes. He has two of ’em, one for me I guess! :-)

    • Aww, why don’t you live closer to me? We could so totally wreak havoc!

      I was visiting my family last weekend, and saw a picture of a tank someone had made their cat. I was like, Squeaky need something awesome, but not a tank. What oh what could I make for her? And of course, since I’m in the midst of (re)reading the entire Star Wars extended universe this year, I settle on an x wing.

      It took 3 people 4 hours to put this baby together out of cardboard, particle board, an old license plate and 2 rolls of duct tape. Alas, Squeaky isn’t too terribly fond of it, but I’m thinking of saturating it with catnip to entice her to sit in it more.

    • Sadly, she’s not too thrilled about it, but I’m thinking of ways to fix it. You’d think she’d be grateful for such a fun new box to sit in, but apparently, a plain ol box is neater :/

  2. I am already imagining our lightsaber fights… and robes.. oh well. Maybe in Jannah…

    Catnip sounds good.. maybe a hoodie for the cockpit might make her want to snuggle in it more…you know how it is with cats squeezing into tight spaces, though honestly I have no clue how to make one. Squeaky is so lucky to have you as her mommy :-)

    I think I have read a couple of the Star Wars universe books more than a decade ago now. What are your favourites? My current sci-fi faves are the Honor
    Harrington series. The novels can be read online in their entirety :-) Whoops sorry for long comment…

    • Hmm, I was thinking of putting a box on top of the cockpit to simulate the cockpit hood. Maybe I’ll have to try it. I think it may be because it smells like duct tape, not the best scent in the world, lol.

      I honestly love most of the EU books, but if I had to recommend a place to start, I’d say Timothy Zahn’s classic Heir to the Empire triology (really the reboot of star wars in the 90s) and I, Jedi, which combines the 2 best things about star wars – x wings and jedi :)

    • this is how I spent my vacation time visiting my family :) The family that builds an xwing together, stays together…or something mushy like that.

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