dear nafs:

Hunger is good. It is natural. It does not mean you are going to die. You don’t need to be stuffed full from breakfast to lunch to dinner.

You know you want to lose another 30 lbs so you can be super hawt for AbuS. So STH*U and concentrate on work instead of whining about being hungry.

Your higher self

ps: I am hungry too




6 thoughts on “dear nafs:

    • Aww, your nafs had a reason to complain. Mine has been acting like Squeaky – thinking I’m starving it when in reality it’s just not being stuffed.

  1. I get gastric pains occasionally when I skip meals. But strangely enough, no pains when I fast. Am beginning to take the hypothesis that ‘your gut is part of your brain’ seriously.

    • Me too! It actually helps when all I have for suhoor is a glass of water. If I don’t wake my stomach up, it will sleep until iftar time.

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