the weekly squeaky

in which it is revealed I am a horrible cat mom.

Her royal fuzziness sheds.  A lot.  As such, she gets furminated at least once a week.  She isn’t a huge fan of the furminator, but she’ll tolerate it, probably because she knows she gets treats at the end.

Shortly after this weekend’s fumination, she walked by and I noticed a large white spot on her left side.  Squeaky doesn’t have large white spots anywhere on her fuzzy little body, so I got concerned and went in for a closer look.  Turns out it wasn’t a white spot – it was a bald spot.  As far as I can tell, I had started brushing her at exactly the same spot on the left side every time, thus pulling out most of the hair from that one spot.

Luckily, Squeaky either can’t tell she’s got a bald spot, or she doesn’t mind.  inshaAllah it will grow back soon.  Bad bad cat mommy.

Sorry, no picks of said bald spot, as our home computer decided that it will turn itself off at random, and now, won’t turn on at all.  So here’s a picture of her in all her fat and fuzzy glory:


3 thoughts on “the weekly squeaky

    • This picture is from more than a year ago, so no, ha! But, I did worry about that when we first adopted her. She has a rather large and pudgy belly, and despite the fact that she was shaved so we could see her spay scar, I was worried I’d end up with a passle full of kittens.

      Many years later and still no kittens. She’s just chubby :)

  1. I had to look up “passle”. Apparently it means a quantity somewhat more than a plethora and less than an oodle… ;)

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