Abu Hurayrah (ra) reported that the Prophet  said:

Whenever a Muslim is afflicted by harm from sickness or other matters, Allah will drop his sins because of that, like a tree drops its leaves.


5 thoughts on “shifa

    • To the best of my knowledge, when a sin is a transgression against another person, one needs to sincerely repent and make amends with that person in order for the sin to be forgiven. If the right of another was violated, Allah (swt) can forgive the sin, but the violation must be made right for forgiveness to be complete.

      There are ahadith that on the day of judgment, if you have wronged a person, that person will be given some of your good deeds in recompense for the wrong.

      As part of their beginning lessons, many new students of tasawwuf are required to right their past wrongs – if they’ve stolen money, they’re to return it. If they’ve cheated, they’re to apologize. If they’ve slandered, they’re to apologize.

  1. But how does that relate to having a sickness or illness? Does it expidite the forgiveness? Cause the person to seek out reconciliation and forgiveness?

    • That I am unsure of. I had always thought it was a way of expiation and atonement. I’ll have to check with someone more knowledgeable to find out for sure :)

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