squeaky@week’s end

Alhamdulilah Squeaky slept until my alarm went off for fajr this morning.  JazkaAllah khair dear kitty for allowing me that extra hour of sleep.

Small bit of humor from one of my muslim forums.  Apparently, this is the result of loving cats too much:

next thing you know, people are munafiq, sodomites, mushrik.

Be forewarned, dear readers, this crazy amount of cuteness can drive you to hypocrisy and worse:


One thought on “squeaky@week’s end

  1. Who’s a good little kitty? Squeaky is!!! (in baby talk voice)
    Hehehehe. I can also come to the conclusion that hating cats means hating what Abu Hurayrah loved, so you will never amount to anything good in life. Hee.
    I love cats, they remind me how lucky I am to have them, and a lot of other things that Allah gave me.

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