until then..

I have oodles of new Squeaky and DC pictures (separate, alas Squeaky did not go to DC with me), but until I get my act together and organize some new posts, I give you food for thought and a question:

The heart is like the earth that has to be tilled and sweated over, in order to be cultivated and in order to yield a good harvest.  If the ground is not cultivated in such a manner for a long time, it becomes hard, barren, and unable to yield a crop because it was left unattended for so long.

The same holds true for the heart, in that one grows closer to Allah  the harder one works to rectify the heart.  However, the same heart becomes ever harder the longer one ignores the need to purify it.  Such a heart will eventually become harder than stone.

Thenceforth were your hearts hardened and became like a rock and even worse in hardness [2:74]

For among rocks there are some from which rivers gush forth [2:74]

In fact, stones feel ashamed at the hard heartedness of man.  Stones can still become a source of streams, and stones do tremble in fear of Allah , but when man’s heart hardens, it neither weeps nor trembles in fear of its Creator.  Man’s only hope of success on the Day of Judgment is to toil hard to rectify his heart or else he will be doomed.

How do you cultivate your heart?


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