i’m not dead yet…

…the egyptian revolution, that is.  Every day, AbuS gets more and more frustrated viewing it from afar, and is entertaining a run for the presidency (not withstanding that he’s ineligible to run because he’s married to a foreigner, ie me, but a man can dream).

Here’s a smattering of articles and whatnot on current goings on:

Egypt uprising figure Wael Ghonim signs book deal

According to the english language we are all Khaled Said fb page, the deal is worth $2.5 million.  He is donated $2 to “Egyptian Revolution martyr families & Egyptian charities” and $.5 million in the form of books to Egyptian schools.

This American Life covers the rise of meetings post Revolution

Includes a very interesting bit on a meeting between Gama’ah Islamiyah and artists, journalists and intellectuals

A whole On the Media episode on Media in Egypt

You can read transcripts and listen here.

And, as during the revolution, Al-Masry Al-Youm is a good place for articles.


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