squeaky@week’s end

My poor baby Squeaky.  Poor poor poor Squeaky :(

A few months back, Purina replaced her Purina One Natural with Purina Beyond One, which was supposedly more natural.  Most excellent, I thought, I get a higher quality food for the same price.  But of course, nothing is ever easy.  The new food never satiated Her Royal Fuzziness, and she was constantly whining and begging for more food, even though we were feeding her the same amount.

So I thought, might as well use this as a chance to take a step up in cat food.  Earlier this week, when her old food was almost gone, I bought Taste of the Wild, who’s higher protein content I hoped would help satiate the hungry beast and eventually help her lose weight.  And again, nothing is ever easy.

Squeaky is the cat with the iron stomach.  She will eat almost anything, and frequently does.  This is the cat who will eat dust balls and lick dirt off the floor.  So I thought nothing of simply swapping out her food wholesale, without the customarily recommended slow mix in.




My poor baby puked all over the place this morning.  After the 3rd puke up, she stopped eating (which never happens – once the food is put down, she inhales it all), and gave me this pathetic look like like I had done something horribly wrong.  So now I’m going to buy a small bag of Beyond One and do the mix in.  And she got tuna for breakfast.  Lesson learned – always always always swap food gradually, lest your floor become covered in puke.


2 thoughts on “squeaky@week’s end

  1. Oh I feel sorry for the both of you! Yes it is best to mix the foods so your cat can tolerate the change better. I have changed foods a few times over the years, and each time I mixed the foods for a few days before transitioning completely. Except for Chunky. After we rescued her, she started eating Royal Canin’s Baby Cat. One day we just put a small amount of Orijen next to her Baby Cat and she immediately went for the Orijen and refused to eat her Baby Cat food thereafter. Haha. Now due to prices, our cats are also on Taste of the Wild. But we are starting to spike it with small amounts of Orijen. I’d say even TotW is quite posh food for cats, eh? Us humans certainly don’t get to eat venison and salmon everyday… lucky critters that they are…

    • I had originally intended to feed Her Royal Fuzziness Orijen, but AbuS wasn’t on board with feeding the cat better food than we were eating, ha! I was very pleased to find that TOTW was actually cheaper than the purina we were feeding.

      Alhamdulilah no more puking. Ms. S is currently tearing around the apartment, looking to play, so I’m off to join her!

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