food matters monday

Last week was staff appreciation week at work.  Every year, you earn raffle tickets through participation in different events, and at the end, you can put them in for drawings on any number of prizes.  My strategy has always been to put all my tickets in the prize with the least number of other entries, and thus far, it has served me well.  This year, I won a combination griddle/grill pan made by the fine Minnesota firm Nordic Ware.  Yaay!

So of course, I had to make use of it this weekend.  I decided on grilled summer squash, marinated in a citrus mixed herb concoction from Vegan Soul Kitchen.  Mix up the marinade, slice up some squash (recipe also recommends using various peppers), let sit for at least 3 hours, and then grill.  All in all, it turned out well, although it probably would have been better on an actual grill.  AbuS gave it high marks.

The best part of it all (IMHO)?  The marinade is reusable.  I stuck it in the freezer when I was done, and plan to pull it out to marinade some more vegetables later this week.


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