the weekly squeaky

Highlights include the Squeaky grunt at 10 seconds, the meow-yawn at 21 seconds and the giddy kitty roll beginning at 1 minute 30 seconds.

Unfortunately missing from this video is Squeaky’s new boyfriend.  The next door neighbors let their white and orange boy cat roam free.  He visited our yard yesterday while Squeaky and I were out on the porch.  Squeaky watching him with interest, although there was a bit of hissing from both parties.  Mr. Kitty eventually decided he’d seen enough from afar and absolutely must meet the strange and alluring lady above.  So he cautiously slunk up the stairs, only to be met by me.  Yeah, no strange cat is going to sniff my baby.  Too many diseases rampant to risk it.  He took one look at me and took off.

Alas, the relationship is doomed to be long distance.


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