campaigns we’d like to see…

In light of the proposed million beard and niqab campaign in Egypt, I suggest the following:

  • The Allah  is beautiful and loves beauty campaign to clean up the streets (1)
  • The Allah is kind and loves kindness campaign to do random acts of kindness to strangers (2)
  • The treat your neighbor as though s/he were your heir campaign (3)
  • The Speak Good or Remain Silent campaign (4)
  • The shukr campaign to thank people and Allah for everything (5)
  • The do not get angry campaign (6)

(1) [Muslim]

(2)  ‘A’isha reported that the Messenger of Allah , said, “Allah  is kind and loves kindness and gives for gentleness what he does not give for harshness nor for anything else.” [Muslim]

(3) The Prophet  has stated: “Gabriel has repeatedly recommended me to be good to my neighbor to the extent that I thought that he would include him (my neighbour) among my heirs.”  [Ahmad and At-Tirmidh i]

(4) Abu Hurayrah (ra) relates that Allah’s Messenger  said: “Whoever believes in Allah  and the Last Day should speak a good word or remain silent. [Bukhari, Muslim]

(5) “Whoever does not give thanks to the people does not give thanks to Allah ” [Ahmed]

(6) Abu Hurayra reported that a man said to the Prophet  “Advise me.” He said, “Do not get angry.” He repeated his request several times and the Prophet said, “Do not get angry.” [al-Bukhari]

This post grew out of a discussion I had with AbuS.  He watches Egyptian news talk shows on youtube and on Monday night, he let out a sound of disgust, which in turn prompted me to ask what was the matter.  Can you believe this, he asked.  Is this the most important issue facing Egyptians today?  Will more beards and niqabs solve the mess?  Pshhhhhh!

Being a non confrontational person, I wrote this post suggesting campaigns in addition to the everyone needs a beard before Ramadan push.  When I asked AbuS to contribute a few campaign ideas, he said, haven’t you heard of the Fiqh of Priorities?  At the Battle of the Trench, the Prophet  delayed ‘asr.  ‘Asr was a fard, but not getting killed superseded that.

When facing the potential collapse of a civilization, needs should be prioritized.  Energies should be spent doing what is most urgent.  Will growing a beard or covering one’s face be a step towards polishing one’s heart, or will it merely allow us to ignore the tarnished character that is bringing down a country?

AbuS noted that when he went home to visit last year, that there was a great rise in outward signs of piety.  Lots of sunnah beards and lots more niqab, but the inner sunnahs were still deeply lacking.  A rise in outward piety does not appear to have had an effect on the state of Egypt.  Perhaps it is time to shift the focus inward?

The Prophet  said:

I was only sent to perfect good character

[Muwatta,  Ahmad]


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