dear tim pawlenty

bite me.

Pawlenty personally shuts down MN program to help muslims buy homes

Or at least that’s how he’s selling it to the islamophobes who’s votes he’s courting.  He put his foot down to squash the sharia creep in it’s tracks!

Orrrrrr, there just wasn’t a lot of demand, and in a time of tight budgets, the funds were shifted towards more popular programs.

Nah, gotta puff up the tough on islam resume if you’re going to run with the big dogs, so it was all for the sake of the constitution!

ps:  I could probably do one of these dear ______ every day for the entire GOP presidential field.  But, I’ll leave it at one a week, length indeterminate, until bigoted islamophobic crap ceases to flow from the pack.


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