11 points

Ayman Mohyeldin of Al-Jazeera tweeted 11 key points from a press conference given at al Azhar today:

@ press conference head of #azhar will announce new document outlining role of religion n politics & future of Islamic institution n #egypt

#azhar document contains aprox 11 articles serving as guiding principles on civilian v religious state extremism education #azharguidance
#azhar sheikh: we support a democratic constitutional modern state separates bw powers & institutions Power 2 make laws w elected reps only
#azhar sheikh: support a democratic regime where direct elections take place to hold officials accountable & peaceful transition of powers
#azhar sheikh: support the freedom of expression and opinion for all men, women children w no discrimination based on race or gender or else
#azhar sheikh: reject the use of religion as an instrument to accuse people of disloyalty or being non-believers
#azhar sheikh: respect and abide by all international agreements
#azhar sheikh: respect for all religions and houses of worship in egypt right to practice freely without any obstacles
#azhar sheikh: support the independence of al azhar its right to elect the heads of the institution and to develop its curriculum
Those were some of the 11 key points from the #azhar press conference. No questions allowed.

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