if you can fast now…

…when the days are at their longest, inshaAllah you can fast Ramadan.

So why not get started now?  Why try to run the whole marathon without a little training first?

Who’s excited for Ramadan?  What are you doing to prepare for Ramadan?  What are your goals and aspirations?


4 thoughts on “if you can fast now…

    • inshaAllah you will meet your goals! Are Chunky et al fasting with you? AbuS jokes every year that Squeaky will fast with us :P

  1. LOL. Does Squeaky actually try to fast? I have never seen any of my cats fast alongside us. A close friend of mine told me that her cat used to refuse food during daytime in Ramadan. And would ask for food during iftar. My cats seem hungry all the time. Chunky demands food in a very pretty way, she uses her big brown eyes, tail up like a question mark, paws neatly together, and delivers the cutest, tiniest little mew a few times. It works every time. I am a sucker for her cute ways.

    • If Squeaky went without food for more than 8 hours, she’d probably keel over. Or at least that’s what she tells us, when she complains loudly that we haven’t fed her in the last few hours, ha.

      Awww, Chunky. They know how to wrap us around their cute little paws.

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