where o where does my train of thought wander?

How Industrial Farming Destroyed the Tasty Tomato + The True Cost of Tomatoes = UmmS resolving to only buy midwestern grown tomatoes, preferably those from Minnesota ————->  but wait!!!!!  How will I eat tomatoes in the winter?  Whatever did we do before factory farming and long distance trucking.  Oh yeah, we canned vegetables.  But isn’t canning vegetables time consuming?  I have no time to spare! ————-> how to freeze tomatoes

Yes friends, I’m going to try to freeze tomatoes.  Why oh why do I let my train of thought wander?

Anyone out there can or freeze fresh produce?  I’m getting visions of the cans of mystery gunk that haunted my Grandpa’s basement.  Ew.


2 thoughts on “where o where does my train of thought wander?

  1. I once made tomato paste/ketchup after watching River Cottage, and canned them. I really don’t know whether my canning technique was correct or not as I only got a few jars, refridgerated them and finished them off in a few weeks. Anyway the ketchup was really good. Yesterday I saw ‘Sugar: the Bitter Truth’ talk by Prof Lustig, and am now beginning to wonder if my favourite Indonesian-made Heinz is laced with high fructose corn syrup. It doesn’t say so on the label (water, tomato, sugar, vinegar, salt, spices), but then again we have more relaxed labeling laws here. I guess I am wondering if I can get away with buying instead of making..
    Maybe you can grow tomatoes in a pot on your balcony.. Squeaky will be so intrigued by them! I hear the heirloom varieties are the best.
    Now freezing tomatoes sounds like a great idea. We get them all year round, but sometimes I cannot resist a bargain and end up with too many. Now to clear some space in my freezer… thanks for posting this!

    • When you can them here, it’s a very long, involved process so that you can store them in the cupboard all winter. It’s kind of scary – if you do it wrong, the food will spoil or go back and you can get sick from it.

      Sugar really is scary. I do my best to not eat foods that have a lot of it added. My mom has given it up all together, which I think would be impossible for me!

      Let me know if you do end up freezing them and how it works. I was going to do a few as a test to see, before I go overboard and fill my freezer full :)

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