dear mn state government:

Get over yourselves and pass an f-ing budget already.  I know you had more important things to do like meddle in other people’s bedrooms, but now that thousands of state works have been laid off, state parks and the Minnesota Zoo are closed, road construction is halted mid-project, services related to Child-care assistance, and services for the deaf, Senior and Disability linkage lines, criminal background checks and food shelf distributions have been suspended, could you please grow up, meet halfway and pass a freaking budget?

Not to mention you’ve f-ed up my 4th of July plans to visit Fort Snelling.  Thanks for nothing.


your constituent, UmmS


5 thoughts on “dear mn state government:

  1. oh no, now there’s no money going to the person who is translating the Fort Snelling brochures into Klingon. (sorry had to say that, kinda ridiculous though, both the partisan bickering & the Klingon brochures)

  2. Yeah… I know we’re supposed to respect ppl in authority, but sometimes… they just make it so hard…

    Yeah, just had a bad experience dealing with some bureaucracy. :(

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