o m g it’s almost here!

A round up of most excellent Ramadan prep (you have started preparing, haven’t you?):


6 thoughts on “o m g it’s almost here!

      • baby steps?? i can never do anything in baby steps. LOL.

        (seriously though, it is a problem. it’s like my hardwired mentality. big bursts, then nothingness.)

      • Me too unfortunately :/ It’s almost obsessive/compulsive. I get really excited about something, run headlong into it, and then get bored and stop.

      • It’s like I get frustrated, disillusioned, not so much bored though.

        BTW I took a listen to a talk by Shaykh AbdulSattar OMG I think I found what I was looking for! Soooooo refreshing!

  1. Sh. Husain is awesome, no doubt. I find that he takes following the sunnah to a completely understandable place.

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