squeaky@week’s end

All work and no play makes Squeaky a grumpy kitty.  All the work is mine, which means there is no time to play with the Squeaky.

My apologies for the blog silence dear readers (anyone still out there)?  Work has been extremely busy (alhamdulilah!) and it looks like it will remain that way until at least December.  This unfortunately means I will be working long days during Ramadan.  On the plus side – it keeps my mind of my empty stomach.  On the minus side – less time for ibadah.

On top of that, I’m busy plotting and planning my newest endeavor – star wars costuming.  I had so much fun at the con I attended a few weeks back, I thought I’d like to do it some more, but only if I could rock an awesome costume.  I’m going to start simple and actually learn to sew by doing some pillow cases first, then I’d like to tackle a new republic jedi outfit.

If I manage to figure it all out, I’d like to put in an application to join the Rebel Legion, the premier good guys SW costuming group.  From there, you can “troop” with fellow RL members and 501st members (the bad guys costuming group) at libraries, parades, children’s hospitals and the like.  I’ve already gotten a tentative ok from a costuming judge that wearing my hijab shouldn’t interfere with my membership application.  The point is to make your costumes screen accurate, which means as a hijabi my choices are limited.  There are a few hijab worthy costumes I can make, but iA a jedi outfit will be easiest to tackle, as I already have the cloak (ie my hoodie abaya) and the skirt.  Just need to make a tunic, tabbards, obi, undershirt and belt.

Heh, “just.”  We’ll see.  If I turn out to be any good at this costuming thing, I may have to go to Celebration VI next year in Florida – a whole con devoted to just SW.  Anyone want to go with me?  nachida I’m lookin at you!


2 thoughts on “squeaky@week’s end

  1. What about Luminara Unduli & Barriss Offee? They wear, in my books, a hijab-worthy outfit (their hair are entirely covered and their outfits are rather flowing).

    • Barriss Offee is definitely on my to make list. I may actually make her’s first, since I think I could find the skirt and shirt off the rack, and just have to make the cloak.

      Luminara is a bit too detailed and elaborate for my non existent skills. You have to do leather work, and lots of fancy molding for the headdress.

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