my costuming wishlist

*if* I ever learn to sew:  This should keep me occupied for a few years:

Barriss Offee – will probably attempt this one first.

To do:

  • Make cloak (find blue/gray/dark purple swirly fabric), horizontal stripped shirt, and swirly skirt
  • find black boots at Goodwill
  • buy bright blue contacts
  • research makeup and determine if something can stay on during wudu.  If not, find makeup that is easy to reapply
  • convince AbuS I need a blue lightsaber

Generic New Republic Jedi – I am in love with this design by Brielle’s Costumes.  I wouldn’t do the fleur de lise but it’s a beautiful illustration of a skirted jedi outfit.  I’d like to do this in black and gray, with purple accents:

To do:

  • Make tunic, tabbards, obi
  • Purchase belt and purple lightsaber
  • convince AbuS I need a purple lightsaber in addition to the blue one I will have already convinced him I need.

Twi’lek lekkus (brain tails):  It covers my hair, ergo, it is hijab ;-)  To wear with my generic NR jedi outfit.  As an FYI to my non Star Wars familiar readers, the Twi’lek race in general is pretty scantily clad.  just a head’s up before you go googling twi’lek:  Beautiful costume by Reelu:

Jawa – Nachida pointed me towards an excellent costume this morning and since I’m short, I thought, why not be a jawa on occasion?  Photo by Gage Skidmore:


2 thoughts on “my costuming wishlist

  1. *love*
    Eh I thought you already have a blue lightsaber?
    Sewing is not that hard at all. Just get a simple (yet reliable, Singer and Brother are good brands, not too sure about what’s available near you, look out for easy to get replacement parts as well) sewing machine and just practice on it. Or do like I did, attempt complicated projects and sew really, really slowly (and get frustrated) but feel ridiculously pleased with yourself once outfit is completed at long last, hehehe.
    Suggestion for Barriss Offee spots: use bindi stickers, can be found in Indian shops. Just stick them on after wudu. Not too sure about the rest of the makeup thingy as I rarely wear any. Some girls I know really wash their faces throughly before wudu (they bring their facial cleanser around), then after prayer reapply their makeup. I honestly can’t be bothered so I do without.
    There is a tutorial I used to make my hubby’s Sith Lord outfit which is similar to the New Republic outfit. Can’t seem to find it now, but here is a similar one:
    Ohh here it is:
    May the Force be with you! :-)

    • Ah but see, I am incompetent when it comes to anything crafty. I plan to take it slow and iA get more complicated it/when I improve. The blue lightsaber I have is a toy, and isn’t up to costume standards for the organization I’d like to join. Trying to convince AbuS that it’s all for charity (since the organization does a lot of charity events and visits libraries and childrens’ hospitals), and he tentatively has agreed that we can budget it in :D

      I’m not a makeup girl either. In fact, I don’t think I’ve worn it since early in my college days, o so long ago. I may have to just wear Barriss when I’m traveling, so that I would remove the make up once for a combined zuhr/asr, and then pray maghrib/isha before bed when the make up would come off anyways. Or wear it locally when the event is only a few hours long. Not the usual concerns of a costumer!

      Thanks for the links! I’ve been pouring over padawan’s guide for weeks. There are some great resources out there!

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