the weekly squeaky

A day late and a dollar short, sorry.  Still at work.  I miss my kitty :/

Iftar at Casa Squeaky.  If we eat, she has to eat, even if she just ate 15 minutes ago:

Also note my spiffy new water bottle in the bottom left of the picture.  It’s part of my Ramadan water bottle reduction plan.  I’ll bet american masjids go through millions upon millions of plastic water bottles during this month.  Is every masjid covered in abandoned half drunk water bottles after taraweeh, or is it just us here in Minnesota?  If we’re lucky, they’re recycled at the end of an evening.  If not, they just add to the piles of trash and mounds of uneaten food (which is a ‘hole nothing pet peeve o mine).  I’m encouraging people in my community to bring reusable water bottles with them to iftar, and save the bottle tree from extinction.


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