““Writers write with ink on pages to advocate Islam.  But these three men wrote with their blood in the annals of Islam. On that blessed morning, these martyrs sacrificed themselves in defence of our community, to defend their family members, to defend their homes. They made themselves an example of what a Muslim should be and what Islam is.” “

Sh. Muhammad al-Yaqoubi,
referencing the 3 brothers who were killed during the riots

“These three men are shaheed.  They went out to defend their community. There was no selfish gain in what they did.  That is what jihad is really about.”

Community Member Mohammad Khalid

When I heard that these three young men were senselessly run over last week, my heart sunk.  But alhamdulilah, they died as martyrs, defending their families, during this blessed month.  We all have to die, and subhanAllah, they died while striving for Allah (swt).  SubhanAllah.  SubhanAllah.  SubhanAllah.


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