brain dump

I was suppose to be making itikaf today.  But instead, I am at work.  On Saturday.  Again.  The to do list before trial only seems to grow, no matter how late I stay and how much I accomplish.

But alhamdulilah.  I need to be grateful.  I have a job.  I get paid overtime.  And people seem to think I’m competent enough to trust me with these projects.  Alhamdulilah.

Once again, the end of Ramadan draws near and I have not accomplished what I had intended.  Bah.  Trying to make the most out of these last few days leaves me sad.  I pray that Allah (swt) will allow me another Ramadan.

It is State Fair time in Minnesota.  And we live right across from it.  Which means our parking lot is crammed with fairgoers.  AbuS had to shimmy the car out so we could go to an iftar last night.  We told the parking lot guy that we needed better access to get out today.

State fair means our normally quiet neighborhood is brimming with people.  Squeaky and I went out yesterday for her usual brush/grass nomming.  I had thought all the people and cars would distract her, but no, her heart is in her stomach.  She chowed down and only occasionally glanced up and sniffed at the interlopers who would call kitty!

The state fair also means noise long past UmmS’ normal bedtime.  We could hear whatever band was on when we got home from the masjid last night at 10:30.  Then fireworks at 11.  And this will continue until September 5th!

But alhamdulilah.  The bus to work is only a little behind.  And we are going to the fair for Eid!  Well, not exactly eid (since I HAVE) to work, but on September 2nd, iA.  I hope to attend the taping of an NPR program I love, fawn over some adorable baby animals, check out cows (I come from a long line of Dairy Farmers) and see sewing demonstrations and enjoy some koshari.

And that takes me to the end of my break.  Back to work.  Alhamdulilah.  Alhamdulilah.  Alhamdulilah.


4 thoughts on “brain dump

  1. is it “A Prairie Home Companion?” Love that show. Had a chance to see it when it stopped at Purdue U….it’s really worth seeing live.

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