this is totally me and squeaky

Once again, I’ve gone radio silent.  Trial starts next Friday, so needless to say, I’ll be working all day, every day until at least then.

I did get to get home before maghrib yesterday, which allowed Her Royal Fuzziness and I to spend some quality time outside (her favorite activity).  It just so happened that the neighbor’s indoor/outdoor kitty was hanging around our apartment building.  Squeaky has not shown much interest (ok no interest) in other kitties, but I thought, why not try to introduce them?  Yeah, no she’d rather munch on grass than meet a fellow feline.  Poor poor neighbor kitty was very disappointed that Squeaky wasn’t interested in getting acquainted.  S/he would meow pitifully, and follow a safe distance behind as HRF did her usually walking/eating tour of the yard.  When I picked Squeaky up and forced her to look at the other cat, she’d try to wriggle out of my arms to go back to grass eating.

So Squeaky’s heirarchy of needs:

  1. Grass
  2. Food
  3. Water with an ice cub
  4. A window with a view and a fuzzy bed
  5. Her mommy
  6. Her laser pointer
  7. Her crinkle balls


And waaaaaay down the list at #100, is feline companionship.  Bah!  Perhaps if she were in a less grass filled environment, she’d be more interested in a play mate/feline cuddle buddy


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