y u no mail me?  mail me now, k thx by!


4 thoughts on “email

  1. Asalaam alaikum,
    I want to start off by saying that I thoroughly enjoy your posts and blog. MashAllah you have an excellent way of reminding me and others about important issues and providing some motivation through sharing your stories. After reading your latest post I wanted to share a hadith I remember reading:

    Narrated Abu Barza:
    Allah’s Apostle disliked to sleep before the ‘Isha’ prayer and to talk after it.

    Being a fan of napping/sleeping and remembering how it can be difficult to stay awake as isha gets later into the night I sympathize with you but also wanted to pass along the information. My intention is not to criticize, rather to provide you with this hadith as information, as you do for me on an almost daily basis.

    InshAllah I hope that you will continue to write as I find myself looking forward to your posts. InshAllah I’ll keep you in my duas and ask that Allah subhana wa ta’ala reward you for your preparations for Ramadan. I have also made the goal of paying more attention to our Quran and spending time reading it, even if it is only 10 minutes.

    On a side note I found that if you have a calendar or something that you can mark off with a big red x each day as you accomplish your goal, you may find it difficult to break the streak once you get started. I’m not sure if it’s just me but perhaps that would help as well. Thanks again for your entertaining posts and adorable pictures. Asalaam alaikum.
    Your sister,

  2. Asalaam alaikum,
    It’s me again. I just realized I typed in my website incorrectly. I haven’t had time to blog in a while, as I am staying busy with my first year of teaching and living in a new country (Kuwait) but inshAllah I will start again soon. My correct website is

  3. Dear Squeaky, I am a 2-year-old girl, an only child. I have nice friends who live next door, but no siblings. My mother feeds 4-5 cats on our balcony but they (the cats, being basically feral) won’t let me hug or kiss them. Sometimes I cry when I try to explain my hurt to my parents (“baby go HUG lickle tat! baby wan’ TISS lickle tat!” – honestly, this is a literal transcription of how I talk, so don’t hate me for it).

    Eventually, my mother (for whom it was a huge struggle just to overcome a lifelong wariness of cats – and an imaginary allergy – your blog’s “cats are Sunnah” link inspired her) spoke to my father, shamelessly manipulated his only weakness (i.e. ME), and persuaded him to at least entertain the notion, concede the possibility, “think about it”, not dismiss outright the idea of me keeping my very own kitten in the house.

    My father’s conditions: “IF somebody I completely trust comes to me of their own accord and offers me a really really special kitten for free, specifically stating that it would be perfect for my daughter, then I’ll bring it home.”

    The next day, somebody he completely trusted came to him out of the blue, offering him a Van kitten as a substitute sibling for me.

    It’s expected to arrive any day now. My question to you, dear Squeaky, is this: what is the best website you know on housetraining kittens and keeping them at home in accordance with Muslim values?

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