Barriss Offee

I remember when promo shots of the Padawan Barriss Offee and Master Luminara Unduli were first released.  I thought, aha, a hijabi jedis!

I again encountered Barriss Offee in the MedStar duology a few years back, and later in graphic novels and the Clone Wars cartoon series.

Will fill in this page with more about Barriss, the research I do into her costume and hopefully the creation of my very own Barriss Offee outfit.

Rebel Legion Barriss Offee Costume Standards

Required Items:

  1. Blue raised textured or patterned cloak with large hood made of non shiny material.
  2. Dark blue or black long-sleeved top made of non shiny material that should appear horizontally ribbed. Top should be fitted and preferred to have a hood but a separate cowl is acceptable to cover and hide the hair.
  3. Dark blue or black flared full-length non ribbed skirt made of non shiny drapey material.
  4. Calf high or knee high black boots
  5. Facial tattoos with pale very light greenish base makeup. Tattoos also on top of the hands.
  6. Dark brown leather belt with heart-shaped decoration on buckle
  7. Lightsaber hilt(not a toy).

Rebel Legion Barriss Offees

RL Forum Barriss Offee costume threads


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